M-SHEV is the new digital control panel for smoke ventilation. Logic linking now takes place digitally instead of analogue as before. The heart of the control panel is a microcontroller that connects all the modules together via a digital BUS.

M-SHEV possesses its own intelligence. The controller precisely monitors safety-relevant inputs via sensors such as manual triggering buttons, smoke detectors or fire alarms in order to subsequently execute the necessary commands. M-SHEV thereby remains totally flexible. It offers a multitude of setting options and operations can be linked to one another as desired.



digitally multifunctional

The four totally newly developed and freely programmable modules provide the basis for a thousand different combinations, allowing us to tailor the control panel specifically to your needs.

No matter whether you prefer analogue or digital connections, the consistent modular setup, which delivers on all modern requirements, enables all combinations of SHEV systems, ventilation groups and different inputs and outputs to be realized as required.

A state-of-the-art power supply, certified pursuant to DIN 12101 part 10, provides the necessary power – it is also structured on a modular basis and therefore suitable for everything from smaller plans to major projects requiring several hundred amperes of current.

This concept can undoubtedly deliver on all of your requirements.


compact and clear

In an effort to make the system as easy to install as possible, the modules have a “flat” design and can be fitted on rails as required. A modern labelling system enables a clear understanding despite the complex controls.

You receive an individual cabinet with enough space for wiring and an optional terminal block of your choice.

It goes without saying that you will also receive a special schematics plan (e-plan), which you can download at anytime and anywhere via our website – all you need is the serial number.

intuitively operable

Changes to the alarm setup? Changes to user data such as “gap ventilation” or “automatic closing” after ventilation? Installing a new module?

These revisions are easy with M-SHEV and Simon Link!

Our clear, intuitive and easy-to-use software allows you to change the parameters of the control panel at any time as required.

In addition, the control panel offers you numerous ways of storing information – from the number of mains failures or error messages to different alarm incidents or the due-date for the next maintenance. “Simon Link” allows you to view and print all the relevant information.



The M-SHEV modules are only interconnected via Ethernet and a two-wire supply cable. This allows you to easily extend the BUS by adding new modules without the need for additional restructuring work. The system’s self-diagnostic function recognises new modules and their parameters can be set via Simon Link. If you don’t have enough space in your cabinet, no problem – the BUS system also works well in multiple cabinets.
If you are looking for a flexible solution with a whole host of extension options, M-SHEV is the perfect solution for you.


remote maintenance option

This function is a must, particularly for larger and more complex control panels. You can always remain up-to-date on the status of the control panel. All you need is a standard Internet connection or the installation of a GPRS module. Then you can access our web portal at any time to check on the status of your control panel.

In many cases you can save money by avoiding unnecessary on-site visits, as erroneous alarm triggers and disruptions to the system often have simple causes which can be handled easily by phone.



The control panel has been designed to use minimal electricity during stand-by mode. All relevant system elements enter sleep mode when they are not required. This applies for operations both via the main power supply as well as the secondary power supply from battery. SHEV systems from Simon RWA can be used for 15, 20 or more years – a worthwhile investment. M-SHEV saves you energy, resources and helps preserve the environment. That is what we call “sustainable”.

guaranteed safety

M-SHEV is a state-of-the-art control panel, developed directly at Simon RWA in accordance with the latest norms and guidelines. For us, “Made in Bavaria” means 100% engineering directly from Passau. All components are carefully combined and then tested to be 100% ready before they leave our factory. If you opt to fit a Simon RWA control panel, you can rest assured that you will have a repair and replacement service available for decades to come. We support all of our systems for many years – that is our definition of “sustainability”. Over 40 years of business certainly attests to that.


„Simplicity is the hiding of complexity. We have succeeded in doing that with the M-SHEV and the Simon Link software“Dr. Ondrej Havel, project manager and software developer programmed the innovative, user-friendly software in the SHEV controller



The switch-mode power supply (SMPS) transforms the 230 V from the mains supply into a stabilized and ‘clean’ 24 V supply. The central interface (ZI) is the control centre of M-SHEV. It is the heart of the centre; it functions as a kind of motherboard and coordinates the allocation of smoke and daily ventilation groups. The peripheral devices for triggering the SHEV are connected to the sensor interface (SI). These include the emergency switch (HE), the smoke detectors (SD) and the existing building fire alarm system (FAS). One SI is required for each alarm group. The motor relay (MR) is the output module with which the connected motors are supplied with power and controlled. Any number of motor relays can be assigned to an SI. All desired information, e.g. ‘wind/rain sensor active’ or ‘SHE triggered’ can be retrieved via the message interface (MI).

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Trust in experience. SIMON RWA Systeme has been providing for safety all over the world for over 40 years. This task requires reliability, quality and flexibility.The constant development of revolutionary ideas and extraordinary solutions in the field of preventive fire protection make us the pioneer in our industry. Our many years of experience guarantee lasting safety: We have profound know-how and close contact with authorities, fire brigades and external inspection authorities. We constantly improve our skills and further our own development – and we are enthusiastic about what we do. All of this secures product and service quality at the highest level – as it has done for more than four decades already.

As a founding member of the SHEV professional circle in the German Central Association of the Electrical Engineering and Electronics Industry (ZVEI) and as a member of the DIN standards committee and several European standards committees, we are involved as leaders in the development of trendsetting fire-protection technology. With a broad and innovative range of products we are always ‘state of the art’ for our customers and a competent and reliable partner.





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